Speaking of Rhythm:

a Series about Rhythm, Drums, & Diversity

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The series, Speaking of Rhythm is based partly on the premise that we can learn a lot about the culture of others by learning about their art forms, in this case, music and more specifically, percussion traditions. In the second place, rhythm is something I love and I know that there are plenty of other people who do, as well. Hence, a series about some percussion traditions from vastly different places.

We plan to produce at least five episodes for this series: Afro-Peruvian, Nigerian (Yorubá), Celtic, southern Indian, and Mexican. So far, we have shot two. We've also pretty much completed the editing of the Nigerian (Yorubá) episode and expect to complete the Afro-Peruvian by the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023. Then, we hope to shoot the main part of the Celtic episode in mid-2023, and so forth.

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Speaking of Rhythm planned series of 5   Rasaki's Turn: Rhythm & Drums of Nigeria's Yorubá   Peta Robles & Tío Lalo: Some Afro-Peruvian Contributions   Celtic   Mexican

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